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GranuFlo Lawsuit Update

GranuFlo lawsuit

GranuFlo Lawsuit Update

Recent court records are clear that more and more people are filing a Granuflo lawsuit in an attempt to recover damages after they or a family member took this dangerous substance which had been used in dialysis treatments.

One example of this type of legal action filed on June 24 is the case of a woman filing in the District Court of West Virginia as the head of the estate of D.D.P., claiming D.D.P. after being given Granuflo while in dialysis was struck by a heart attack shortly afterward. Granuflo was formulated by the company Fresenius. The intention was for the substance to prevent acid build up in the blood while under dialysis treatment.

GranuFlo Lawsuit Philadelphia

Another example of a recent Granuflo lawsuit from June 14 this time in Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania. A woman claiming Granuflo led to her husband’s death filed a class action law suit against Fresenius Medical Care. She also alleged Fresenius was well aware of the dangers and risks involved with the substance, but chose to conceal them to protect their profits come what may.

M.D.L. (Multi-District Litigation) court data has shown that by mid May at least 160 similar lawsuits had been filed all concerning damages associated with Granuflo. These include cardio arrest, low blood pressure, hypoxemia, cardiac arrhythmia, hypokalemia to name just a few. All very serious and some fatal.

With half a million Americans requiring dialysis treatments to clean their blood of toxins when their kidneys are no longer functioning properly, the idea that a company would put a dangerous substance like this on the market has many shocked and outraged. This is compounded by the information which seems to point towards Granuflo being sold by Fresenius long after they knew of its dangers.

Fresenius who served one third of the dialysis patients in America have even been shown to have knowingly and purposely concealed their knowledge of the substance’s dangerous with the other two thirds of the dialysis clinics and offices in the country. This has been confirmed in internal documents of Fresenius revealed in a Granuflo lawsuit where the company advised its people to handle Granuflo more carefully as deaths from the substance had already occurred. Shamefully these documents were never seen outside the Fresenius inner circle until legal action exposed the truth to the world. Not even other centers buying Granuflo from Fresenius were informed. This means a great many more people were harmed simply because Fresenius chose to remain silent rather than potentially harm their business.

Patients have suffered greatly both directly in Fresenius clinics and in clinics supplied with Granuflo by Fresenius. A lawsuit is a more than appropriate response to receive at least some compensation for health problems, pain and suffering, inflated medical costs or even the death of a loved one.

Find the right Granuflo Attorney

It is suggested a lawyer with experience in fighting for the rights of people victimized by large wealthy corporations be consulted and hired to effectively launch and win a Granuflo lawsuit. This is no time to allow injustice to be done on the sick and defenseless without taking a stand.

If you or a loved one has been affected from using the substance GranuFlo & NaturLyte then contact us today. We can place you with the very best attorneys, whom have experience in pharmaceutical cases including Granuflo. Seek justice and start your GranuFlo Lawsuit today.


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