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Hundreds of individuals affected by GranuFlo associated impediments have solicited the support of GranuFlo lawsuit lawyers in an attempt to file a lawsuit against Fresenius, the company responsible for the misfortune. There are a number of attorneys across the country willing to take on complaints by patients hoping to win recompense for injuries suffered due to the negligence and greed of the company Fresenius. Even though this money will assist patients with medical bills and other expenditures, the damage has been done. Willful incompetence by a company that misuses the trust clinics, doctors, and patients have in their products and services can never be compensated by mere dollars and cents. Nonetheless, there is no other way to help those who are suffering with medical bills and injuries than to file a Granuflo lawsuit against the drug company

Multi-District Litigation in the GranuFlo Lawsuit

Unfortunately, countless individuals experienced similar injuries because of the widespread use of GranuFlo throughout the United States. In fact, there are numerous proceedings pending against Fresenius. At the end of 2012, two plaintiffs embroiled in the GranuFlo lawsuit motioned to have a multi-district litigation established.


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How an MDL Affects the Case against Fresenius

Fresenius is one of the leading suppliers of dialysis and one of the biggest providers of dialysis products in the United Sates. They supply dialysis products for roughly one-third of the nearly 400,000-dialysis sufferers in America. In essence, many, many individuals make use of their products. To untold mortification, GranuFlo was a product that should never have been released.
The company neglected to alert doctors to the dangers of the drug; thereby, leaving patients vulnerable to its deadly and disastrous effects. What's more, by November 2011, over 900 individuals experienced an abrupt cardiac occurrence in clinics managed by Fresenius. In addition to hundreds of death within their own dialysis clinics, Fresenius decided not to notify the public, but issued an inside memo only, putting numerous more lives at risk.

Even though the FDA has issued a Class I-Recall, sadly it is too little, too late. Many have already lost their lives, and because there are so many injuries due to GranuFlo across the United States, multiple lawsuits have been documented to take action against the company. In order to makes things easier, it was decided that there are too many common issues to decide cases independently. Therefore, the motion to set-up an MDL was filed. If the MDL is recognized, then cases occurring from GranuFlo will be merged in one court. At present, the plaintiffs who applied for an MDL have requested that it be documented in Massachusetts.
This favors injured parties tremendously since consolidation makes it easier and faster for those affected to be able to submit a GranuFlo lawsuit. Specific issues like whether Fresenius is legally accountable for injured victims will be accepted in a single court rather than in hundreds of courts throughout the United States.

How should I submit a Granuflo Lawsuit?

If you or a loved one has been a victim to the perils of the drug GranuFlo, there is a surplus of information online offered by the website.
If you have been affected but do not take part in such an important litigation, it is the same as sanctioning the dreadful actions of this company. In addition, it is imperative to recognize that an MDL is not actually identical to a class action lawsuit. Class actions entail multiple plaintiffs who have suffered analogous or identical wrongs at someone else's hands. MDL's are suited for situations where a general pattern is evident, such as in the case with GranuFlo; however, the plaintiffs may have differing injuries.

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